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Merchandise for Sony's Uncharted.

Merchandise to Naughty Dog's 3rd-person action adventure.

The Sony Playstation exclusive action-adventure series Uncharted, around the sympathetic treasure hunter Nathan Drake is one of the biggest milestones in game history. Here by PMC-Center.com you will find a variety of collectibles and merchandise for the Uncharted series. Stylish T-shirts, for example, with the Shoreline logo, Nathan Drake, a compass or the Pirate Coin as a print. All T-shirts are high quality licensed products and available in all popular sizes. Particularly popular is the Uncharted courier bag with the card from the fourth part A Thief's End as a motif.

In addition to shirts and accessories, you will also find Uncharted cups with various lettering in this category. Or a Nathan Drake statue, in which he just wants to jump off a rock while focusing the weapon with one hand and keeping his rope within reach with the other hand. Nathan Drake is also available as a plush figure with a cool design and high-quality material. As a true fan of the 3rd-person shooter, you're drinking your next shot with your buddies from one of the Uncharted A Thief's End shot glasses, which is available in our set of four. Take your time with our wide range of Uncharted fan merchandise.