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 Famous statues & busts of comics,...

Famous statues & busts of comics, games, films, music and TV.

From Batman and Robin from the DC Universe to Spiderman and Captain America from Marvel to detailed alien busts from the cult movie of the same name.

As a gamer, you can put Agent 47 out of HItman into the living room, just firing fatal shots with his prominent diabolos - his arms wide outstretched. With a Sam Fisher statue you get the King of the Stealth Action Games in camouflage clothes and the typical visor with the three lights. Also statues from the games Streetfighter, Metal Gear, Assassins Creed and Watchdogs are in our repertoire.

Filmfans come with some limited editions from famous films such as The Hobbit, Terminator or The Crow. We also offer the most heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a bust or statue, such as the incredible Hulk or Hawkeye. In addition to statues on current highlights such as The Walking Dead, Planet of the Monkeys or Wonder Women, of course, also Evergreens like the Sideshow Elvis Presley figure, which shows the King of Rock with its famous hip swing, are not missing. Click on our offer and find your favorite statue or bust.