Here you come to the pre-orders. In this category, you have the opportunity to reserve action figures, wiggly heads, Funko POP vinyl figures and many other merchandise items for you to appear before they appear. You have the possibility to choose among the coolest comics, games or films from the most diverse fan articles. Whether available in three months, six months or one year; Here you can save your hero today. We also receive information on certain limited or exclusive figures, clothes and accessories, as well as board games or fan articles for the kitchen or the apartment already some months, so you can browse and order in time. Click in peace through our pre-order items and discover treasures that are not yet available. Pre-Order Articles can be ordered like any other available product via the shopping cart, but separately - DO NOT combine with immediately available items.

Warnings: The displayed appearance date is a manufacturer's information, which may differ from the actual appearance date.







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