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It is called small gifts to get the friendship.

And with what can one make a dear man a greater joy than with a clever gift idea to a theme which he likes?

If you want to do something good for a fan of the popular TV series The Big Bang Theory, check out our wiggly heads for all the characters. Whether for a TV series, an athlete, a comic series or film and music; here at PMC-Center you will find the right gift idea. Let yourself be inspired by the various anime and manga merchandise, computer games like Bloodborne, Assassins Creed, Watchdogs and Counterstrike, or look around at movie heroes such as Deadpool, Green Lantern, Hellboy and Harry Potter.

For all famous franchises we offer you a clear selection of figures, board games, collectibles, kitchen and living accessories, T-shirts, wallets and much more. How big your budget is, whether for Easter, Christmas, birthdays or in between: In every price class and on every occasion you get the right gift. Sci-Fi fans will be thrilled with Star Trek or Star Wars gift items, Horrorfans will get their money's worth with Freddy Krüger, Jason Vorhees, or Game The Evil Within, and sports fans will shine their eyes at NHL, Football NFL or the NBA. Small gifts always come good. We at PMC-Center will help you make a happy person happy.