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 It does not always depend on the...

It does not always depend on the size.

Lovingly designed miniatures, Bobble Heads and Funko POP vinyl figures from the coolest comics, games, sports, TV series and films.

All figures are original licensed products. Some are only available in limited edition. If you do not want to go empty, order the best today. Our selection ranges from A like Adventure Time to Z as Back to the Future. For gamer, we offer various Assassins Creed Funko POP vinyl figures, Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, Batman and the joker from Rockstead's famous Arkham series and much more. Cineasts can choose from almost everything that Hollywood has ever brought to 35mm. In addition to the four Ghostbusters, you will also find the "Marshmallow Man," as Ray has called him in Part 1. Likewise, you can order the cute Baby Groot from the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie as a vinyl figure. Or maybe Starlord? It's your choice.

The world of Comics is best covered with Bobble Heads, exclusive vinyl figures and other collectibles from Marvel, DC and other major publishers. Whether Avengers or Justice League, we have both. Also in the program are Son Goku, Bulma and many other characters from Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon and other manga and anime. We are particularly proud of our selection of limited and exclusive figures. Take a look at our range, we wish you a lot of fun.