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Plush, Action Figuren or Bobble Head from your favorite comics

Of the Avengers to X-Men. Whether you're looking for a character from a Marvel or a DC comic, or if you want to put the pretty Sailor Moon or the mighty Donnergott Thor in the room, in our shop everyone gets their money's worth. In addition to iconic heroes like the Punisher, Wolverine or Batman, we also have child-friendly characters on offer. For example from the Peanuts, the Muppets or from Dragonball Z.

Order your original true action or collective figure. Our selection ranges from A like Adventure Time to Z like Wizard of Oz. We have not only male heroes such as Spiderman, Superman, Daredevil or Deadpool on offer, also the women come with us with Wonder Woman, Barbie, Catwoman, Posion Ivy and Harley Quinn not too short. Whether as a gift idea, for collecting or to make your fan heart beat faster: comic figures are not only a good choice for any of these occasions, some even rise in value over time and are therefore a worthwhile investment. We wish you much pleasure in choosing your favorite figure.