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 The best gaming caps & hats.High...

The best gaming caps & hats.

High quality merchandise items for your head.

Caps and caps are among the most popular merchandise garments. In the summer they offer protection from the sun, in the rain they keep your head dry and in winter you are safe from cold and snow. Why use an 08/15 model with such an important everyday helper when you get Caps here by PMC, which are not only practical, but also with a cool design of games like Wolfenstein, Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid?

In this category you will find cuddly hats and stylish caps, - and all made of high-quality pure cotton and with licensed motifs from the respective game. All of our products are high collectible originals that will really make fan hearts beat faster, but are also great for non-gamers. Caps and hats are also particularly popular as a Christmas or birthday present or as a nice touch for in between. Showcase your love for games like Bioware's epic RPG Dragon Age Inquisition, Sqare Enix's Hitman stealth game, Sony's cover-up The Order 1886, or Payday 2's Co-Op game of Starbreeze studios with their caps and caps Designs are trendy accessories for every fan.