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 Do you remember the first...

Do you remember the first wackeldackel from the year 1965?

This was an absolute revolution and since then, wiggle head figures have become an integral part of modern pop culture.

Since '65 something has changed. In the meantime, you can order a variety of wiggling heads for all comics, TV series, films or music. At PMC-Center we are your reliable partner. In addition to the usual suspects, our range also includes limited or exclusive characters such as Leonard Hofstadter from the Big Bang Theory in his Star Trek uniform, which he holds for the Comic-Con and other conventions. Also special Star Wars characters, such as Finn in his bloodstained Stormtrooper gulf or Ray from the final episode of Episode VII, is available in our limited version. It's worth it!

All figures are made of PVC, vinyl or synthetic resin and are original licensed products. In the comics section, you'll find everything from fanfare to Marvel's Avengers to the Watchmen, X-Men or the Justice League. The movie corner is well covered with Jason, Freddy Krüger, Scarface, the Predator and many other screen heroes. Kiss and Iron Maiden are in the area of ??music and The Walking Dead or The Big Bang Theory are just two of the many series that you can order from us, wiggly head figures. Click in peace through our wide range of stylish shaky heads to find your favorite. We wish you lots of fun.