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The Bobble Head figures differ in their production materials

If you're interested in Bobble Head figures, you'll immediately notice that they differ in many features

There are different comics, films or series of the matching characters with a Bobble Head. So the main characters from "Star Wars" as Bobble head figures are preserved. Whether it is the "dark Lord" Darth Vader or the Jedi Master Joda. Of course, you can also find characters from the Disney and Marvel universe. Of course, stars from the music scene are also represented.

It is essential to distinguish whether the manufacturer has chosen to make the Bobble head figure from synthetic resin, PVC or vinyl. A large profit margin is to be found within the product range. A Bobble Head figure is included for each purse. Their faithfulness to detail, rarity, and age are key factors in how much such a Bobblehead figure costs. Also for the small purse are beautiful Bobble head figures to be preserved. If you opt for a so-called "ComputerSitter", you will receive a Bobblehead figure, which sits on your screen and observes you during your work.