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Battlefield Hardline fan article.

Merchandise to the first-person shooter of the Dead Space Makers.

After already twelve offshoots of the brand Battlefield had appeared, EA planned with Battlefield Hardline to break new ground and create a completely new game. So Oskar-winning authors were put to the story and put the story not as usual within a military war, but within a police corruption war. Here by you'll find cool fan articles for the Next Gen action shooter Battlefiled Hardline from the House of Visceral Games, which already proved with their games The Godfather, The Simpsons and the Dead Space series, that they can deliver excellent games. Among other things, you'll find the Battlefield Hardline Police Pottery Mug if you're on the cops side, or the Battlefield Hardline Criminals Pottery Mug if you're on the side of the criminals.

You can also opt for shirts for the police or gangsters. For example, by there is the Battlefield Hardline Criminals T-Shirt in black with the image of a wolf and the lettering Hunt Together as well as the police counterpart with a police stamp and in white. Also included in our range are the T-shirts Target, with crosshair and small Battlefield lettering and shirts with the Hardline logo. All of our Battlefield T-shirts and other merchandise are original, highly collectable licensed products. Police or Criminals? Make a decision!