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 Licensed manga characters....

Licensed manga characters.

Merchandise articles on the most popular Japanese comics.

The fact that manga is something very special and unique is obvious from the fact that they do not simply belong to the normal comics, but represent their own category. Not only are Japanese drawings very popular in the eastern linguistic area, but they are also perceived around the world as a creative art and entertainment that reaches millions of people. Focusing on a partially mature target audience, Manga's readers appeal from young to old and impress with their rich selection of topics. If you are fed up with the American style, then you're in the right place in the manga category. Here at you will find figures of the most popular mangas.

Jupiter Rasa is an action figure from the classic Birth - A War of Two Worlds, the Muscle Man from Kinnikuman or characters from Pretty Cats Show Time. Whether for yourself or as a gift idea for an anime or manga fan, with our detail-loving figures, such as Rose Anderson from the manga Solty Rei on her bike, you're guaranteed nothing wrong. All of our figures are original licensed products that make collectors' hearts beat faster, as well as comic book lovers get their money's worth.