Walking Dead

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Various merchandising articles to the success story The Walking Dead

From action figures, computer manners, statues and busts, to board games, wiggly heads and products not yet available, which you can pre-order with us.

Let the next company game evening be the hit with the The Walking Dead variant of the game classic risk. Or catch up with one of the cool Funko Pop vinyl figures like the young Carl Grimes or Ed's wife Carol Peletier. Also in our offer are miniatures to the characters Tyreese Williams, sheriff Rick Grimes, Morgan, Michonne and many more. Or you put yourself a high-quality wiggly head on the shelf like the one to Daryl Dixon, which comes in biker clothes and with knife and crossbow. If you are more interested in action figures, you will love our original figures like Bob, one of the zombies or dale, with rifle and camping chair.

Here at PMC-Center.com you will find a huge selection of fan articles about The Walking Dead, which are not only best suited to bridge the waiting time to the new episode, but also make a good figure in the truest sense of the word. Whether computer sitter, action figure, living or kitchen accessory, our merchandise articles are original license products directly from the series. We hope you enjoy browsing through cool collectibles or gift ideas.