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All the merchandise related to Marvel.

From action figures, Funko Pop vinyl figures, statues and busts to wiggly heads, minifigures and other collectibles

The main heroes of the comic books, the Marvel Animated Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are represented. From the Guardians of the Galaxy like Star Lord, Gamora, Groot or Rocket, to the Avengers with Thor, Hulk and Captain America, we lead the most varied fan items to the most popular superheroes. The agents of S.H.I.E.L.D or Marvel's Defenders are also available with characters like the Daredevil and others.

Just like our DC Universe articles, our Marvel figures are original licensed products. Whether Amazing Spiderman or Ultimate Spiderman, the designs of the characters are taken directly from the comics and TV series. Of course, Marvel's somewhat bloody superhero, who prefers to break through the fourth wall and talk to the audience, must not be missing. The speech is self-evident by Deadpool, the one probably probably the most funny, but also the most brutal Marvel superhelden. In addition to the good, our range also offers a whole host of opponents and "evil" from the Marvel Universe, such as Thors sneaky brother Loki and other anti-heroes. Just click through our offer and find your favorite.