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Now it's creepy.

The best action figures and merchandise items from the horror section.

Beginning with classics like Freddy Krüger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason Vorees from Friday the 13th or Michael Myers from the Halloween series. In addition to other gloomy classics like Chucky the Killerpuppe or the Pinhead from the Hellraiser parts, we also offer current horror icons like figures from the series The Walking Dead. Of course, the cult film of Henry Sellic, Nightmar Before Christmas, can not be missing. For example, we have the funko pop vinyl figure for the Santa Jack Skellington, or the Pumpkin King. If you're looking for a shaky head, you might like Sally.

In addition to action-, plush- and mini-figures, you will also find company games, living and kitchen accessories as well as various other horror products. For example, a replica of the ice hockey mask worn by Jason Vorhees from the third part of the 13th Friday series. Click through the founder of Horror like Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or through heroes of current horror like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. Whether it's comics, movies or TV shows, you'll find the coolest horror merchandise.