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Are you looking for fan items or collectibles for your favorite games?

Here you find original figures with the license of the respective computer game

From Assassins Creed to Wolfenstein, every golfer will get their money's worth. Whether you're a fan of Rolling Plays from The Elder Scrolls or Bloodborne (the Playstation offshoot to Dark Souls), or if you're more into hard action like Borderlands, Evolve, or Doom. With us there are all merchandise items for the respective game. From the profound epic about philosophical questions about our existence like Bioshock to the atmospheric horror game like Silent Hill, our assortment includes all current genres. The game includes characters from the shooter legend Half Life (from which a mod emerged, the multi-player gaming to a new level raised, keyword: Counterstrike), Stealth and Schleich master Hitman, also known as Agent 47 or Konami' S Masterhit Metal Gear.

Bethesda is also richly represented. In addition to the classics Fallout and Skyrim, there are merchandises for Dishonored or Wolfenstein. Ubisoft has been with Assassins Creed, Watchdogs and Far Cry and the genre of Mobas is best served with Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm or Blizzard's Overwatch. Click through the gaming landscape and find cool gift ideas, great collectibles and stuffy merchandise.